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Glenn Girlando - Astrologer offering readings in Seattle and vicinity, and on Skype I have been amazed by astrology for 24 years, and studying it intensively for 14. Nothing makes me happier than to sit down with you (or skype) and spend a couple hours exploring and dialoguing through the window of astrology about your life journey and soul’s purpose, the challenges and opportunities you are facing at this moment in your life, or your compability with others in your life.

Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary Astrology and Richard Tarnas’ Archetypal Astrology have been by far my two strongest influences in my work.  My view of astrology has also been greatly informed by my 25 years of doing breathwork, including 15 as a facilitator, working intimately with people as they move through core challenges, issues and trauma.

I specialize in three types of chart readings:  Natal Birth Chart Astrology, Transit Astrology, and Relationship & Compatibility Astrology.

I hope you’ll take the plunge, and allow me to accompany you on a journey into your soul’s purpose in life, or one of many other possible journeys we can take together into the magic of astrology.

Sincerely, Glenn

P.S. I’m also a breathwork facilitator (since 2002), read more here.  I’ve also worked in Web Design and Marketing since 1996 and occasionally take on web projects for smaller healing-related businesses, learn more here: http://simplepassionwebdesign.com 

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Does Astrology Predict the Future?

No, it does not!  It can however, predict with a very high degree of accuracy the “archetypal waters in which your soul is swimming” at any given time in your life, as well as for your life as a whole.  Will you swim with the stream?  Or against the stream?  

Many people brush off astrology based on one thing or another, but I challenge you to receive a natal chart reading and tell me the messages it conveys are only coincidence.  You must ultimately decide for yourself.  

Natal Chart Readings

Blueprint of the lifetime journey of your soul; your highest potential, your biggest pitfall potentials.

Transit Readings

What is happening right now in your life?)

Relationship Readings

Where do two people synergize well together? Where are they prone to conflict?

Current Specials

Monthly Transit Readings

Get 12 months of monthly highly personalized checkins about the transits that are most impacting you that month.  I am offering this deal at a fantastic discounted price!

Stay on top of your optimal times in the next year for love, money, travel, inner work, etc.

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